Top 5 Social Media PlugIns for WordPress automated content syndication

If you operate a WordPress site then chances are you will already be well aware of the multitude of great plug-ins that are available for this popular website development platform. But have you considered social media plug-ins yet? Using one will help you to speed up your online content curation and syndication across Social Media.

Here we are going to take an in depth look at how to get the best from your blogging and content marketing efforts by looking at our top five best WordPress Plug-ins for the Social Media networks.

These plug-ins are of vital importance because they automate and streamline the somewhat tedious process of posting your great content out into the world of Social Media!

Content syndication automation is great of course but whether that content is then avidly devoured, or not, by your target market is another question entirely! We can’t help you with that in this article but come back soon to this blog and we will!


Top 5 WordPress Plug-ins for Social Media content syndication

  1. NextScripts Social NetWorks Auto Poster (SNAP)

This one is an old favourite as it has been around for some time now. It is a multi-featured WP plugin that comes in both a free and premium (or paid) version. The free version allows you to automatically syndicate content but only to those Social Media sites that do not use a built-in API (Application Programming Interface). This is potentially a bit of a problem because popular sites such as Twitter and Facebook use such an API.

The premium version currently costs just $49 and allows for syndication to nearly 30 Social Media Platforms. Functionality includes URL shorteners such as Bitly to be used as well as old post auto-posting, category assignment, Hashtag’s and auto-import of comments, replies and mentions from some Social Media Platforms.


  1. WP To Twitter

As its name implies, this plugin is just for Twitter bloggers. That is not necessarily a bad thing because of its simplicity and Twitter’s popularity.

With it you can add Hashtag’s to your topic’s and Bitly integration is also provided, even in the free version so what’s not to like?

The Pro paid version provides richer functionality such as allowing you to add images and schedule tweets to be sent out as and when required.


  1. Facebook Feed WD

As its name implies, yes you guessed it, this WP Social Media plugin is just for Facebook! What is great about this one though is that it brings profile, public group and page-based Social Media feeds into your WordPress website. You will have full control over displayed content and there are themes available so that you can introduce not just an image but a customisable design and style to your Facebook feeds.

Unusually this plugin also features a lightbox supporting 15 different transition effects to add some real pizazz into your video filmstrips.

With Facebook Feed WD you can also display content either by showcasing the entire timeline or specific content only such as photos, event, albums and even videos. The feed update interval can be specified along with the number of posts per page, whose posts are shared, comments and many other settings!


  1. Microblog Poster

This one is similar to NextScripts SNAP in terms of general functionality but the free version allows you to auto-post to platforms such as Facebook and twitter accessing their built-in API’s. This is of course a major advantage for those that are on a tight marketing budget!


You can post both new and repost old content with this plugin, including pages as well as posts. The paid version starts from $49 and provides support for filtering posts automatically to be published or cross posted to different social networks depending on categories that you can set via the dashboard.

Multiple accounts per social site are also supported. Full logging is provided to help with any de-bugging making this WP plugin very user-friendly.


  1. Jetpack Publicize

If you are on a tight budget then Jetpack Publicize allows you to post, for free, to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Path and of course the venerable Google+! Text Content and Image posting is available.

You simply publish your posts as usual in WordPress and it does the rest, auto-posting your great content out for the world to see!

One thing, it only works for new posts that have never been published before which could be a drawback for busy bloggers with tons of content to get out there.

So there you have it, five of the best social network auto-poster plugins for the ubiquitous and well-loved WordPress platform!


Happy social blog posting and thanks for reading; carry on!