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Make it Snappy caters for all of your Digital Marketing Campaign needs from the heart of London out to the far ends of the earth:

  • Digital Marketing - Online Marketing including SEO, PPC and Social Media, Any time Any place
  • Digital Public Relations - Building your Brand in all the right places by integrating online and offline
  • Search Engine Optimisation - You must Appear at the top of the Search Engines for competitive success
  • Social Media Optimisation - Boosting your online reach socially, getting your Brand messaging bang on message
  • Blogger Content Outreach - Build your online following with leading online influencers, Bloggers and Vloggers
  • Pay Per Click Campaign Management - AdWords, Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, Twitter Campaigns and more
  • Native and Programmatic Advertising - Digital Marketing showcasing your products and services in all the right places

Choose London based Make it Snappy for creative digital marketing and PR Campaigns online, offline, anytime, anywhere on any device!

Put our experienced insight at the heart of your Online Marketing and PR success

Our combined experience and insight - gained over many years in both PR (Public Relations) and Digital Marketing - puts Make it Snappy at the cutting edge of all new marketing trends and developments.

As new patterns of internet usage, Social Media and Search emerge we analyse what the changes mean to your campaigns and react swiftly. In this way we ensure that your investment in your campaign is driving high volume, high quality and therefore high conversion traffic to your website.

Delivering Results

We are ultimately purely focused on your brands results. We know that your ROI - generated by your integrated PR and Marketing campaign - is key to our retention of your business. We never forget this. Remarkable PR and Marketing success is the reason for our own brands existence.

We help businesses and brands to fully engage online with their target consumer market. We enable optimal, fully quantifiable and reportable success within agreed marketing campaign. Delivering digital marketing results that you can be proud of time and time again within your marketing budgets.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)organic search, so and social media

In the past Search Engine Optimisation was simple enough, you simply built as many links as possible back to your website to beat the opposition to the top of Google. This is not the case now, in-fact Google will now penalise any website that its algorithms calculate to be utilising paid links in volume.

Todays reality is Quality not Quantity! Only by creating great and memorable content, gaining valuable real world citations and real world authority will you win.

This must preferably be integrated with a focused Social Media and Public Relations strategy. Only in this way will your campaign succeed in achieving the stellar results that you desire!

SEO Best Practice analysis

We can analyse both your historical and potential future Keyword and Key-phrase combinations to assess their likely effectiveness. We can provide new business winning ideas to you. We use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) techniques - as Google does - to relate words, phrases and imagery together for the best results. We will ensure that your website is fully compliant with Google's own guidelines. We adhere to ‘SEO best practise’ in order to give your new Digital Marketing campaign the best possible head start over your competitor brands.

Gaining high authority Links is much more than just Link-building!

We will help you to gain real-world hard-earned high authority back-links, augmented naturally by other associated online signals. We will be focused on targeting your chosen demographic with selected Keywords and Key-phrases. This combined with an integrated Social Media and Public Relations strategy will then successfully engage your brand with with your target audience online.

We can help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Online PR and Social Media Optimisation (SMO). Together we will positively impact the online visibility of your brands naturally organic search results, boosting your sites quality traffic.

SEO Strategy- the user experience

As a Digital Marketing agency we analyse how the search engines work for their users. We incorporate any changes in internet usage, and the search engines Algorithms, into our strategy thus delivering real results.

SEO can target many different kinds of online search, including searches for specific products, specific services, brands, images, local information, videos or news.

The overall objective is naturally to put your web assets and Brand where they belong, at the top of peoples minds. But first, people must be able to find you! This is the real secret to success with SEO. You must rank as highly as possible, in Google et al, for the relevant words and key phrases that you would want to do so.

Website Search Engine Optimisation - on your site?

It is necessary to ensure that your website is in an optimal condition prior to it being indexed by the Search Engines such as Google. Optimising your website will firstly involve creating or editing its content, HTML and associated coding. This will increase its relevance for specific keywords, Key-phrases and semantically related phrases and words. Next, any potential barriers to the structural indexing activities of the search engines will be removed. This will promote efficient crawling and subsequent indexing by the Search Engines. This type of Search Engine Optimisation is often referred to as Onsite SEO or On-Page SEO.

Get the balance of your online profile right

Although aiming to build back links, or inbound links, to your website is an important SEO technique it is best to utilise a ‘natural’ mixture of back links with differing levels of ‘authority’ and relevance. It is also best to earn these links by virtue of your fantastic content. There is no substitute for  hard work and determination. All back links pass some of their originating page ‘authority’ or 'juice' to your websites pages by linking back to you but you must get the balance right in your link building campaign. If you don’t the search engines will detect that the links have been built in an artificial, contrived and ‘unnatural’ manner. This is not what you want! SEO Link-building is commonly known as either Offsite SEO or Off-Page SEO.

Social Media, Blogger and Content Outreach - User engagement is key to your success online

Social Media usage is dynamically reaching into many facets of modern life. As a business you need to be fully in touch with your audience to capitalise on potential online conversion. Your web assets must evolve rapidly as new trends emerge, communicating your message effectively, fully engaging with your consumers.

This approach should be implemented in such a manner that it does not appear as a hard-sell. Think of it more as building online brand awareness - get this right and word will spread further. Whether you need multiple product reviews, top tens, high fives or one to one chats, we can enable successful engagement for your brand.

Effective Social Media Optimisation and blogger outreach requires dedication, a knowledge of social interaction, your products and your competitions strengths and weaknesses for the best results. 

Blogger Content Outreach – The ‘Blogosphere’ - get the thumbs up!creative content copy, copywriting and press releases

Social Media and the ‘Blogosphere‘, including the ever changing likes – and dislikes – of the online blogging community, can sometimes be a difficult place to understand. This really applies to all businesses and brands alike. We can leverage brand awareness for you. Let us show you just how, you may be surprised.

Keeping a close eye on all new developments means we catch new and emerging trends early delivering outstanding results for our clients.

Content Outreach, and the plethora of new Social Media platforms, are all fundamentally important developments you must leverage from.

Great content, placed in the right place - which is where it will be easily found and consumed by your target market - can't be0 beat!

Social Media - It’s a wonderful world!

In the often strange and unusual world of social media you must be ahead of the curve relative to your peers. You must become a leader, and not a follower, to gain the traction necessary for your brand to rise above the rest.

You will only achieve truly stunning results if you implement the correct Social Media strategy. Make no mistake, this is where we can truly add real value to your online presence, with our insight and cutting edge in-house tools. We will help socially wherever we see an opportunity for your campaign, gaining you valuable likes, retweets, follows and shares like never before!

The team at Make It Snappy knows just how to build a brands reach, achieving ultimate success in todays competitive world for you. You must be found in all the right nooks and crannies of the web.

Contents coming of age

Social Media must be first and foremost in the mind of any savvy Online Marketing Manager looking to get the best possible head-start in any new Online Marketing Campaign.

The sharing and implementation of great ideas, a vivid imagination and the production of optimised engaging content are true marketing skills. We have these in abundance right here!  Content is King and should be regarded as the most vitally important element of any new Digital Strategy. It is all about immersing your target consumers in a fabulous new world of Imagery - Artwork, Video, Sounds and Great Copywriting. This is where we come into the equation with our hard won experience and imagination. We start by imagining how your brand fits into the future world, so it can first of all be built with the right foundations!

Social Media – unravelling the myths 

Achieving great visibility online is your ultimate goal, you want people talking about you, sharing their thoughts, sharing your products or services and gently pushing your Brand forwards.

You must think of the Social Media Blogging Community as your brand ambassadors. Like it or not, they are the kings and queens of the internet - their likes, their dislikes, their dreams, their interests and ultimately their lifestyle is really what it is all about socially. This is why engaging with them is essential and we have the right techniques, knowledge and contacts to make this engagement reap rewards.

There are many ways to achieve these connections, obviously you must first establish a presence with all of the influential online communities, we will help you to achieve this. Product design, reviews, brand image and market positioning are just a few of the factors that will influence your potential Social Media outreach efforts.

Online Bloggers – get them onboard and firmly in tune with your brand

crop Fur suit frisbe well have your business flying highAs said above, utilisation of the most popular and influential online bloggers is simply a must. Their followers will be influenced by their tweets, what they share and their blogging activity in general. Humans are Social Animals – we all love to communicate – make sure you are positively communicating messages about your brand!

A correctly implemented SMO (Social Media Optimisation) Campaign will drive highly targeted traffic to your brand, your products and your services. Before they arrive onsite, your target consumers will already be pro your brand values, as they will feel informed regarding your overall offering.

This mindset will have been developed beforehand during their earlier social interactions -  such as likes, shares and follows with others - within their individual social networks. Leverage from this and you will achieve truly outstanding results through your Social Media campaign. Be a leader and not a follower. Shout your message out to be heard amongst all the noise and commotion of todays soundbite world!  

Online Reputation Management – turn negatives into positives

Your online reputation is key to your overall business success. It not only drives referrals forming an important element of your online presence, it also helps to induce customer purchase decisions.

When you are looking to build your reputation, maintain it online or protect it from negative online messages, we are happy to help.

Reputation Management is an ever more important part of any brands online strategy. It should be viewed as an integral part of your marketing campaign. We can advise you what the best course of action to take is in any situation online. We can monitor your competitors proposing the most effective techniques required to safeguard your brand from negative PR resulting from your competitors as they fight for pole position.

Native Advertising, Programmatic or problematic?

Native Adverts have seen phenomenal growth in recent years. This has been a hot advertising tool that many leading brands have successfully taken advantage of. It works well because it uses content, in an advertorial setting, to convey brand images, inducing buying signals in consumers without them necessarily realising the fact! This type of advertising, along with Programmatic advertising, works on a cost per click (CPC) basis in a similar way to Googles venerable AdWords platform.

The real beauty of Native Advertising though is in the ability to have your adverts imbedded in the natural flow of a news, celebrity or magazine website, thereby catching potential customers as they innocently trawl through their favourite website!

Here, data capture can be input into marketing focused Machine Learning algorithms to further focus on your brands online success. 

Proximity Marketing - on your High Street today!

This is a newly emergent technology using beacons, physically located in High Street stores, airports, restaurants and similar bricks and mortar establishments. It is used to deliver offers, discounts or other incentives to people browsing goods and services locally via their Smartphone. To achieve this objective, Apple has developed its iBeacon standard whilst Google has developed Eddystone for its Android platform. Conversion, measured by click-throughs, can be very high with this technology, over 50% in some cases! 

The Physical Web is here so you should investigate whether you need to utilise it. Implemented correctly, it can be the perfect fusion of online and real  world 'bricks and mortar' retail advertising. Watch this space as it grows, we are at Make It Snappy!

Pay Per Click / Google AdWords Campaign Management.

PPC, this is all about Cost Per Conversion (CPC). If you are looking for a professional partner to help you to identify the best Marketing Campaign strategy and its associated goals then you are in the most capable hands with us.

We can analyse your online target audience and create a powerful strategy to drive the most economic and therefore ROI enhancing Pay Per Click traffic to your online presence.

We can analyse both your historical and future Keyword and Key-phrase combinations to assess their effectiveness and provide business winning new ideas to you. Nowadays, the leading search giants such as Google, are adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology into their digital marketing platforms, providing greater insight, enhanced conversion and useful data to users.

Pay per click. Excellent conversion, it’s easy when you know how!Simple MIS logo 2

Pay per click (PPC), which is also sometimes referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Paid Search, is a form of online advertising that you pay for when someone has clicked on your PPC advert. Once clicked, they are directed to your websites pre-determined landing page. PPC guarantees that your advert will appear on a search engine results page (SERP) when a user has searched using specific keywords.

PPC is generally used to increase the number of people that are visiting your website. It is one of the best methods of online advertising to rapidly make your site visible in the search engines results pages (SERP)s. In this way it can generate immediate traffic to your site.

The most common form of PPC ads are displayed either above the ORGANIC search results or below them. These adverts are always clearly identified as ‘Ads’ or ‘Sponsored Results’. This therefore helps the user to differentiate these search results from the natural or organic results..

With the search engines, advertisers basically BID on keywords or key-phrases that are relevant to their products and target market. Content sites will often charge a fixed price per click rather than using a bidding system such as this. Re-marketing PPC DISPLAY advertisements – which are also known as BANNER ads - can also be shown on web sites with related content that have an agreement with Google, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo etcetera to show their ads. 

Pay Per Click via Googles AdSense networkgoogle-76659_150

In contrast to the search engines themselves, such as Google, which basically drive a high volume of traffic to one site, PPC also implements a version of the 'affiliate' advertising model providing purchase opportunities wherever people are online. If a potential consumer is on a website related to your products or services then it stands to reason that they will likely have an interest in your promotions. This means that any click-throughs generated by such adverts will be potentially high-conversion traffic.

Google, with its AdSense network, and the other search engines offer financial incentives to such affiliated program partner sites where their clients adverts can be displayed. This is thus a ‘pay-for-performance’ advertising model as far as their affiliates are concerned. Other variations around this general theme apart from Pay Per Click include Banner exchange, Native and Programmatic advertising programs.

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