Marketing 101- Creating Holiday Travel Blogs

We all love to travel and, for the lucky few, travel and blogging whilst out and about adventuring has now become their lifestyle of choice! In fact,  Holiday Travel Blogs have become a totally new way of life for those fortunate enough to be able to chuck in the humdrum of the nine to five day job. Lucky them!

Some travel about in motorhomes, blogging about the great places they have found to hang out whilst others may simply be recording the holiday destinations that they have visited on their family holidays. Some folks may lead more active lifestyles, capturing fast-moving images using a GoPro type device to tell the world all about their high-adrenalin kayaking, base-jumping or kite-surfing expeditions.

Whatever your lifestyle, there will always be a target audience out there with similar vacation interests. Connecting with these like-minded individuals is the key to how many travel bloggers have become well-followed across Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. The world is your lobster, so why not just dive right in!

Marketing your Holiday Travel Blog

To market your travel blog to like-minded individuals, you must show them what they would love to be doing themselves. Provide inspiration and new ideas to those with similar holiday interests and you are sure to be onto a winner. If you get your content right then you will be naturally marketing to the right target market for your blog. To build your Social Media following up your content needs to sparkle brightly, outshining all those other bloggers producing more humdrum content. You must be yourself, and show the love that you have for travel to others.

How to rise above all those other travel bloggers and vloggers

There are a few basics that all video bloggers, or vloggers, should get right. Lets go through some of these to make sure that you are getting it right from the get go!

First of all location, location, location

The places that you are going to be blogging about need to pique the interest of those that you want to reach out to. For instance, if you love boats and sailing then a blog set on the island of Mallorca, in the sunny Mediterranean, would likely appeal more to folk than one set in Grimsby on the chilly North Sea. (No disrespect to Grimsby though, as a blog about fishing trawlers would likely do better there!)

Ostuni City Vlogging Tips on Marketing

Activity Holiday blogging

If you do lead an active lifestyle and love sporty holidays then, of course, there are many out there who will have similar thoughts. If you are doing something you love then your blog should reflect those feelings, put your heart and soul into it and others will see that love too!  It is preferable to use a mix of words, photos and video to best reflect your thoughts and feelings. Worrying to much about the technical quality of images? Don’t worry too much, the compositions relevance to your story, it’s beauty or wow factor is what you want to shine through!

Bear in mind that to effectively record your fast-moving images, a GoPro or similar tough weatherproof device will help you to capture those thrill-seeking moments. As your heart rate races, so too (you hope) will your followers!

One man and a van?

Travelling about in a motorhome means that you will get to see a new place every day, or even every hour if you want! We love quirky holiday travel blogs such as those done by ‘one man in his campervan’ as their passion for travel and love of discovery shines through in all their imagery!

Video Equipment for vloggers

If your blog is going to be heavily video based then pay some attention to the recording equipment that you will be using to capture the scenes that you encounter.

Nowadays there are many great options out there that will enable you to capture stunning 1080p HD or even 4K video which will shine when posted up online. Even modern smartphones are getting pretty good at capturing the moment, but for something better CSC (compact system cameras) such as the Panasonic Lumix G80 or Fuji XT20 can produce incredibly detailed and impressive results.

The use of devices such as Gimbals and Glide Cams will also help you to record smoother video when used in conjunction with the image stabilisation and data-processing abilities that such cameras can now offer.

Drones rising above it all

Are drones just toys for boys? No not at all, don’t forget drones when considering video capture, for action shots taken from unusual oversight angles they are hard to beat. Some of these can now record in highly detailed 1080p HD or even 4K resolution too. Many are light-weight and easily collapsible as well, making them easy to carry whilst adventuring! Check out the drones offered by brands such as DJI and Parrot to see the type of drones available that could fit into your travel lifestyle.

Travel to the four corners of the globe and let us know all about it

At the end of the day, the style of your video blog will likely drive the decision on the right photographic equipment for you. Just remember that you don’t have to spend the earth to get truly professional looking results these days!

Use the money saved to travel the earth instead and let both your eyes and ears do the talking on your adventure holiday travel blogs!

In the end, all that really matters is that you produce compelling content that others can fall in love with too, just as you have.

There is an audience out there waiting to hear what you have got to say, and to see all those lovely places that you have been discovering, so spread the word and feel the love!

Happy vlogging!