Four of the best Social Media networks for Brands

Four of the best Social Media networks for Brands

These days, many of us seem to be increasingly spending our time glued to our Smartphones on Social Media. We therefore wondered if it was possible to pick out the best Social Media networks for a brands marketing purposes from the bunch now we have your attention for a moment!

This is a difficult question to answer of course because we all have different reasons to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and Whatsapp or whatever! This also means that your potential consumers have a million and one places to hide too!

Perhaps one other question we should be asking is what are the differences between all of the popular social media platforms? Which is the best one to use for the promotion of your brand or online business?

These questions are important for us all as consumers but perhaps even more so for Brands seeking to gain an online advantage over their competitors through their online PR and Marketing efforts.

So lets take a more detailed look at some of the different social media platforms, from a mainly marketing and PR perspective. Basically we will be exploring the good, the bad and the ugly of the best social media networks for brands!


  1. Facebook

At the moment, Facebook is the daddy of social with around 1.6 billion active monthly users, give or take a million or two!

What has made it so popular? We think sharing is what it is all about, there is perhaps nowhere better to share everything easily in one place from family photo’s to personal news, views and personal likes to all your family and friends.


Facebook for PR and Marketing purposes

 Any savvy marketing expert or PR will already know that size matters, the bigger your fan-base, the larger your target audience. To build your brands following, you must publicise your Facebook page, posting hyperlinks back to your websites and web assets from varied locations online. These links could be from other FB pages, other social networks, stand-alone bloggers, news articles, forums or relevant websites.

When you have built up a following to your Facebook page then use photo’s and status updates to share your brand news, products, services, offers and competitions to your followers.

Think about what your audience would be wowed by, don’t be boring or too salesy, use your imagination! In this way you will extend your reach as far as possible, appearing in many more timelines as people engage with you!

Finally, consider using Facebook Ads, this is a paid for service that can help you to extend your reach. This service works on a cost per click basis, in a similar way to Google’s AdWords, offering trackable results.


  1. Twitter

 When it comes to the consumption and sharing of content in a hurry, nothing is quite like Twitter. This is because it is more ‘compact’ in nature than many other social networks. Nothing illustrates this concise, and to the point feel, better than its still snappy 280 character limit. Admittedly that is more useful than its old 140 characters but its still short! Stops too much waffle though, which could be a good thing judging by the content output of many twitterers! Keep your thoughts concise on twitter!

Due to its ‘snappy’ nature, Twitter has over 330 million active users registered worldwide, generating over 500 million tweets a day.


Twitter Marketing and Public Relations

The network is great for publicity purposes as long as your content is interesting enough to grab the attention of its users, caught quickly in the moment. This is because its users generally quickly flick through its pages, looking for something of interest.

To help grab their attention you should always be adding value to any link that you are tweeting. You can use things like attention grabbing images, snappy videos or relevant statistics and the like to achieve this. People will respond and engage with you if they like what they see!

Last but by no means least are Hashtags (#), these help you to spread the word beyond just your existing followers. With them you can jump onto many different bandwagons, breaking news and the latest celebrity gossip!

People often find what they are looking for in Twitter by searching for Hashtags and you can start communicating with a wider new audience of potential customers by using them.

Think about what your target demographic is likely to be looking for and you will be one step ahead of them with the best Hashtags already cunningly in place!


  1. Pinterest for the show-offs!

This social platform is heavily image based, almost to the exclusion of all else! People therefore love Pinterest because it is very visual and easy to use; it provides many with inspirational ideas, often helping them to see things in a different light!

All of this has made Pinterest a valuable marketing tool for brands that rely on great imagery to sell their products or services. This means that it particularly suits retailers of clothing and furniture, cars, property, high tech, high-end brands and other aspirational photogenic products.

To get the best marketing results from Pinterest, make sure that you link back to all your online web assets. You should begin by posting beautiful, impressive, fun or otherwise engaging images to the boards that you have setup. You must aim to make potential consumers intrigued enough to click on your images.

Finally, ensure that your images captions are optimised for your target keywords so that people can find them easily when searching the site.


  1. LinkedIn – good for business?

The LinkedIn network is terribly good for any business or professional looking to ‘network’! It was setup specifically for business professionals, so that is no great surprise. Peoples CV’s, career objectives, education history, job skills and like-minded connections are all there potentially for all to see.

For marketing specialists and publicists alike, LinkedIn is therefore a potential treasure trove of valuable information. Company pages are a great place for services and products to be displayed, InMail allows anyone to make new friends or find past colleagues. LinkedIn Pulse and Groups are for like-minded professionals and the ‘Get Introduced’ feature all add to the fun!

Its comprehensive search functionality, together with the ability to keep an eye on who is checking you out, is another potential business benefit, especially for those seeking sales leads.


So there you have it, four of the best social media networks for brands to help promote your brand identity socially!

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